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Connect India is a logistics company with a dense urban and rural penetration like none other. Gridding the country into a 1 x 1 Sq Km layout and creating optimal routes for every city, town and district, gives us a unique advantage. Our vans run efficiently and our last mile delivery is handled by our Connect India Centres (CICs) on cycle or on foot. This also gives us control in terms of the time definiteness of the last mile delivery. With that and more, Connect India becomes the ideal choice of all the ecommerce companies for their last mile. But this is just the beginning.

The ecommerce deliveries are taking us to every part of the country including the rural areas. On our way back, we create a sustainable, efficient and cost effective reverse logistics model for the small and medium producers of rural India. These may include small and medium scale industries, small-scale farmers, SHGs, artisans and many more. As a traditional setup, they remained largely unconnected to the mainline markets with the middlemen as the only source of connectivity and income. The logistics cost of supplying directly to the market was exorbitant.

As Digital India takes shape, more and more of these rural entrepreneurs and producers are getting connected through e commerce portals and other platforms. And Connect India with its last mile centres like the traditional grocery stores, pharmacies, the fair price ration shops and in some places also the common service centres under the Government of India is now present in the vicinity. Our reverse logistics service will bridge the gap between urban and rural markets at a fair cost. We will help the rural producer ship directly to the mainline urban markets and also to the direct end user not just in India, but also across the world. We will help boost the concept of rural enterprise commerce (Re commerce).