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Drop Boxes and Booking Centers

With the Government of India working round the clock to improve facilities and infrastructure for the entire country, electricity and mobile telephony networks will soon cross the threshold of the rural landscape. As the consumption of these services materialize on a national scale, the service providers will churn out a mammoth amount of correspondence and hard copy bills. The rural consumer will soon feel the need of a convenient physical payment gateway like its urban counterpart.

It is usually difficult for anybody to pay each and every utility bill by visiting the respective service provider in person. The focus is at saving time, energy and resources, and rather adding value to life and living. The urban consumer has an option of using a drop box facility offered by various companies. At Connect India, were building one of the largest networks in the country that will span across 25000+ PIN codes, in 50+ cities, 650+District towns, 8000+Small Towns and 500000 villages. The next two years will witness our presence in almost every 1sq km grid area of the inhabited regions.

Based on the rise in requirement, and leveraging our existing convenience model, we will create the facility of physical drop boxes available at all our Connect India Centres (CICs). The drop box facility will cover suggestions, complaints, correspondence, insurance premiums and cheque payment for all utility bills.These centres will also serve as ad hoc booking and registration centres for an array of products and services.