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Domestic and International couriers

Connect India is a distribution company with a strong last mile delivery network covering 25000+ pin codes. Our model is unique as it leverages the existing economic assets of the brick and mortar retailer and integrates them with the Digital India platform by engaging in a robust mobile first technology. Our target is to appoint 50,000 last mile delivery entrepreneurs as Connect India Centers (CICs), who will in turn provide employment to 200,000 plus delivery associates from their local communities in the next two years.

Our pan India outreach is designed to create an ecosystem that provides connectivity to one and all from e–commerce companies to a small household enterprise. The idea is to develop a neighborhood convenience model of 1 sq. km delivery areas for urban markets and last mile access for rural markets. The last mile delivery will be affected through walk or cycle, which will not only reduce cost of delivery but also be environmentally positive.

We will promote brown box commerce with a 360-degree approach generating inclusive commerce and opening the doors for both urban and rural India to participate in global commerce. We will also encourage Rural Enterprise (Re) Commerce and create a disruption in the distribution sector by aggregating and promoting capabilities in rural and urban India in an integrated manner. The simple motto here is ‘connecting India to India and to rest of the world’. Small and medium producers local artisans and citizens from every part of the country can now send anything anytime anywhere. Here’s to a true distribution revolution.


Connect India is the first distribution service provider to have a pervasive physical network comprising of an extensive line haul machinery and a chain of brick and mortar retailers as the last mile delivery agents in every one sq. km grid area. This creates a virtual conveyor belt for domestic deliveries and shipments. The dynamics of the line haul and the last mile delivery ensure a cost effective and time definite domestic distribution service for the entire country. A robust technology platform allows users to track and trace shipments at every stage from pick-up to delivery.


Connect India has also partnered with FedEx, the largest distribution company in the world to execute international deliveries across the globe. The first mile will be executed by Connect India using its extensive 1×1 sq km penetration and regional hubs passing the load to the tried, tested and reliable international linehaul of UPS. UPS will execute the last mile delivery across the world. What’s more, with our partnership benefits, shipment from India will move to every part of the world at special rates creating value for all the small and medium producers and boosting the seller ecosystem.