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E-Commerce pick up and Delivery

As India progresses into a digital age and as the third largest population of smartphone users in the world, it’s a new paradigm for the ecommerce industry. The number of Indians on the Internet and the number of people shopping online is increasing every day. As the ecommerce companies strive hard to service more and more people, the last mile delivery has been a sore point for each and every one of them.

At Connect India, we’re creating a strategic last mile delivery network that is dense and spread across every pin code in India.

Our unique last mile delivery model leverages the existing setup of traditional brick and mortar grocery stores, pharmacies, mobile recharge and repair setups, cybercafés and more. These become our Connect India Centres (CICs) by dedicating 200 to 250 sqft area for Connect India shipments and are provided with a trained delivery staff of two or more associates. Our vans run from the dedicated area hub to the CICs on predetermined geo coded routes and deliver the shipments. The last mile delivery is effected by the Connect India Centre associates on cycle or on foot. This gives us an advantage of time definite same day delivery from the area hub to the end customers making our model efficient and unique.

What’s more, the 1km service area is a convenience for delivery as well as pick-ups. Any returns booked for the e commerce deliveries can be picked up just as quick and will follow the same effective route back. The Connect India Centre can also book shipments from their pin codes to any part of the country and also take international shipments.