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Aided Commerce – Demand Generation

At Connect India our agenda is to amplify reach and provide a viable logistics platform to all, from ecommerce companies right down to the small and marginal household enterprises. We are generating employment, supporting entrepreneurs and creating a skilled and trained workforce. The criteria of selection for a Connect India Centre (CIC) franchisee are that the storeowner be Internet savvy and use a smartphone with applications like whatsapp and facebook. They must have a net banking account and relevant experience in e commerce.

As our dense physical network opens new horizons for the e commerce companies, a part of our model also focuses on adding new customers to the equation and thereby generating demand. This is aided commerce. It works in a way that a customer walks in to a Connect India store and places and order to an e commerce portal with assistance and guidance from the store staff. It creates convenience for the customer and registers an e commerce parcel delivery for the Connect India store at that very location. With our efficient cash on delivery and card on delivery modules, online payment is not a necessity for the e commerce companies to call it a day.

Once, the transaction has completed its cycle, it builds trust in the mind of the customer and draws him a little closer for a repeat transaction at a Connect India store or even an independent purchase at an e commerce portal of his choice. We’re inspiring people to connect to the online marketplace and experience the change that has swept over the rest of the country. Aided commerce will play a major role in creating a new market for the e commerce companies in the virgin rural territories of India.